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Why We Are Specialist

Gagnant Company Limited is a Pan African Lift Safety Technology Inspection, Consulting, and   Training Engineering Company incorporated in Lagos, Nigeria in 2010 by the partnership of Tunde Ogunmusemi and Edun Adebare, both Qualified Elevator Inspectors with 17 years of experience in Elevator and VTEs safety inspection, Project Management and Consultant to the Lagos State Safety Commission. Also, Qualified Elevator Inspector of the Federal Ministry of Labor- to provide owners and agents of buildings, architects, property developers and manager, M&E consultants with an unbiased unique full-lift/Vertical Transportation Equipment consulting service and project management in West Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Covering the whole spectrum of market demands with the ability to ensure that customers get value for their money and giving a quality service with the highest level of user safety.

We deliver excellent services in a friendly and honest manner and with clarity that are easily understandable and transparent, having the interest of both our clients and partners as our main objective.

As lifting equipment and vertical transport equipment inspectors and consultants, we inspect lifts, escalators, cradles, cranes and all vertical transportation equipment and lifting equipment and accessories with the use of ADIASYSTEM (Advanced Diagnostic System). This is an electronic measurement and documentation solution which replaces all statutory load tests on lift and escalators. It comprises an equipment kit with measuring instruments and software; it records an array of safety parameters directly in the lift.

The results are accurate and quantifiable, easily saved for documentation and comparison with requirements, present or future results. These result or report comes in two parts, one in written, the other technical.

We at Gagnant Company Limited tell clients that if we cannot save them 10-30% after our fees, while bringing them a more efficient system; then we are not doing our job as consultant. The only reason for cost changes should be if the client decides they want something done differently or there is earthquake, hurricane, etc. and that should be covered by insurance.

Your elevator, escalator, vertical transportation equipment, lifting equipment and accessories inspector and consultant should be your insurance policy for smooth, safe, efficient lift operations and you should not settle for anything less.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number one lift and vertical transportation equipment consultant and safety Inspection Company in our chosen market; offering exceptional and excellent service to our clients, while fostering a collaborative relationship in our environment where employees can learn, advance, love and leave legacies

Our Mission

To ensure a safe, convenient and comfortable living, business and project environment for our clients, workers and the partners all over the world.

Our Value Proposition

  1. Customer focused
  2. Team Spirit
  3. Integrity
  4. Respect for the Individual
  5. Innovation
  6. Openness and Communication

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